Homestay Arrangement

Our Students
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Japaese Students

We only arrange Japanese students/backpackers. Students are between 18 to 31 years old. Boys and Girls. (Boys are easy to take care)
Japanese are well educated (mostly university students) and very tidy and quite. Most Japanese don't like insects. They are not vegetarians. Japanese use laundry everyday. Some have dog/cat/bird allergy. They have come to learn English and so have little or less English communication skills. They are honest and will be fun to be with!

Language Students

Our students attend English language schools from Monday to Friday. During week days they will be at school and will not be at home. Schools run from 8am to 3pm.

4 weeks Homestay

We arrange students to stay with your family for 4weeks. You can choose to receive another student from us after 4weeks. Students will find share house accommodation and will move out on Saturday morning.

Saturday Arrivals

Usually students arrive on Saturday. Arrival times depend on their flights. We pick them up from the airport and bring them to you. You should be at home to welcome them and show his/her around the house and explain few house rules. We will notify you their arrival time prior to their arriving date and send you sms 1hour before coming.

Breakfast and Dinner

You will be needing to provide Breakfast and Dinner everyday. Please have dinner with the students as much as possible. Providing dinner in their rooms or having separate dinner is usually not accepted.

Student room

Student room size can be small but needs study desk and a single bed. Usually students need own room not room share.

Fee of $1440 is prepaid

Unlike other homestay agencies we pay 4weeks accommodation fees prior to their arrival. 4weeks homestay fee is $360x4weeks=$1440.

Whats included

so whats included in homestay fee of $360 a week.
Breakfast and Dinner everyday. Cleaning and laundry once a week. Own room with study desk
some homestay charge $10/week for wifi use


Please update each students with your local safety awareness on their arrival day. Also, you can notify them with recent crime in your neighborhood.
For example,
-ask them to walk on main roads and not to walk on narrow and dark streets.
-come home before dark for the first few days
-don't show cash in public
-keep passport and money with you all the time
-be careful with cigarette butts in dry season

About Travel & Travel

We are one of largest student agency in Japan. We have 5 branches in Japan including Tokyo and Osaka. We receive around 5-20 students from Japan each week.

We are here to help! please dont hesitate to contact us

You can contact us any time if you are having difficulties with your student. Most problems are caused by lack of communication. We are happy to translate and make your home a happy one.
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